Monday, June 3, 2013

Impression & Impassion

I may have been 8-years-old when my mother stood before me with another little girl.  With her arm wrapped around Kay Dee's little shoulders, my mother looked in my eyes and said, "Suga, this is your sister."  Kay Dee was standing quietly staring; waiting for acceptance and as I looked at her I tried to understand.  Kay Dee was younger than I was and years later I learned my mother, Kapu Bray, had given her part of my name.  Kay Dee was hanai'd.

What I would like YOU to know is this: what I loved most about Kapu was found within the meaning of HER first name: Aloha (love; face with breath).  with her love she made an impression on Kay Dee that would help carry her through life....and with her breath, (literally) I became impassioned. 

The amazing thing is this:  We are sisters.  We feel it.  We know it.  We understand it.  She was given my name....and I feel like she is part me..... little sister asked me about our mother...and this will be a progressive post to give Kaina (Kay Dee) the information she has requested.....

I love you very much Kaina....

~Shawn Emalia Nakaikainaelua Hokulani Bray

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